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Call for Papers - Thematic Issue: Feminist Perspectives on Social Policy - Global Conversations [PDF]


Prof Dr Ingela Naumann, University of Fribourg, Switzerland
Laura Meier , University of Fribourg, Switzerland

Despite internationally diverse lived experiences within different socio-political and economic contexts, the Covid-19 pandemic - once more - put a spotlight on one common denominator around the world: the persistence of gender inequalities. It revealed intensified gender inequalities with respect to health and access to health care, the distribution of care work, gainful employment and income, and the risks of being subjected to gender-based violence, just to mention a few. An international body of evidence is expanding on the negative impact of gender inequalitites on the wellbeing and prosperity of individuals and societies. At the same time, we observe how long fought-for women rights such as the right to abortion (see e.g. US) or the right to education (see e.g. Afghanistan) are put into question by deepening ideological and political rifts and with anti-gender rhetoric gaining popularity. Showcasing and discussing feminist perspectives on social policy and women's social welfare worldwide is thus more topical than ever.

This Special Issue brings together diverse feminst approaches to social policy, highlighting theoretical debate, policy and practice examples from around the world. Feminisms, in their aim to address gender inequalites, fight against oppression and improve the lives of women, have taken different paths, forms and orientations in different cultural, religious, political and legal contexts. This Special Issue aims to critically examine the normative underpinnings and social, economic and political dynamics that lead to gendered inequalities, while encouraging international dialogue between multiple gender-sensitive perspectives aimed at improvin social welfare and wellbeing in theory, policy and practice.

We welcome theoretical, empirical (qualitative as well as quantitative) or action-oriented contributions that bring different feminist perspectives on social policy and social welfare in conversation to each other to encourage ongoing feminist debate: e.g. between liberal feminist theory and relational ethic of care theory; across different policy fields (reproductive health, work/family balance, poverty and social security, social and ecological sustainability and so forth), and between feminist practice and activism in different countries and world regions (e.g. reproductive rights campaigns in the US, Southeastern Europe and Latin America). We particularly welcome contributions that bridge Global North/Global South/Global East divides – with respect to co-authorship, theoretical reflection or empirical comparison.

Timeline and Guidelines

31 August 2024: Please submit an abstract of 500 words including Background, Theory, Methods, (Preliminary) Results and Conclusion, accompanied by your affiliation and contact information.

30 September 2024: We will notify you if your abstract has been accepted.

30 June 2025: Submission deadline for selected full papers. All contributions will be subject to the standard blind peer review process of Guidelines on how to submit a paper can be found on:

Spring 2026: Publication on

Selected papers will be invited to present their work in the University of Fribourg lecture series “Feminist Perspectives on Social Policy” between February - May 2025. is an open access, peer-reviewed journal founded in 2016 at the Department of Sociology, Social Policy, and Global Development, University of Fribourg (CH). The journal publishes contributions from various fields of sociology, social policy, and the welfare state. A special focus of the journal is the interlinkages between theory and practice.

Contact and abstract submission

Prof Dr Ingela Naumann, University of Fribourg, Switzerland, Mail :

Laura Meier, University of Fribourg, Switzerland, Mail: