About socialpolicy.ch

The journal socialpolicy.ch (ISSN-Number: 2297-8224) was founded 2016 and is based at the department of Sociology, Social Policy and Social Work of the University of Fribourg (CH). We publish two issues per year, dedicated to a specific topic, with contributions in German, English, French and Italian.

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socialpolicy.ch includes contributions from the various fields of social policy and the welfare state, with a special emphasis on the connection between theory and practice. As such the journal aims to address social scientists as well as practitioners. It shall provide a space for discussions on a wide range of social policy making and theoretical concepts in research that relates to Switzerland as well as other countries, or that takes a comparative perspective. The journal welcomes quantitative, qualitative and comparative work as well as more theoretical pieces. Besides articles, the journal also publishes shorter contributions (book reviews, research notes, etc.). To ensure high quality, all contributions go through a peer-review process.



  Previous issues:

Vol. 1/2016: Health and Old Age in Latin America and Africa

Vol. 2/2016: Vielfalt der Arbeitszeiten

Vol. 1/2017: Sterben und Tod

Vol. 2/2017: Social Policy and Regimes of Social Welfare in Africa

Vol. 1/2018: Revolution ?!

Vol. 2/2018: Arbeitszeitentwicklungen in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz

Vol. 1/2019: Erosion of the Middle Class?