Current Issue (Vol. 2/2017)

Social policy and regimes of social welfare in Africa


Varieties and drivers of social welfare in sub-Saharan Africa: A critical assessment of current research

Daniel Künzler and Michael Nollert


Keywords: regimes of social welfare, sub-Saharan Africa, politics of social policy, typologies

Vol: 2/2017 - Article 2.1

Social policy and welfare regimes typologies: Any relevance to South Africa?

Ndangwa Noyoo


Keywords: Apartheid, colonialism, colonialism of a special type, path dependency, social policy, welfare regimes

Vol: 2/2017 - Article 2.2

Contested claims to social welfare: Basic income grants in Namibia

Sabine Klocke-Daffa


Keywords: anthropology, unconditional basic income grants, social welfare, giving and sharing, gift economy, distributional model, poverty reduction, rightful share, short-term exchanges, long-term exchanges, Namibia, Otjivero, Witvlei, ELCRN, Basic Income Grant Namibia (BIG)

Vol: 2/2017 - Article 2.3

The discourse of dependency and the agrarian roots of welfare doctrines in Africa: The case of Botswana

Jeremy Seekings


Keywords: Botswana, dependency, social assistance, welfare, discourse

Vol: 2/2017 - Article 2.4


Das türkische Welfare-Regime unter der AKP: vom konservativen südeuropäischen zum muslimischen Typus?

Noemi Trucco


Keywords: Türkei, AKP, Sozialstaat, Reformen, muslimisches Welfare-Regime

Vol: 2/2017 - Forum 2.1


Christoph Tschanz


Keywords: Rezension Sozialstaat Sozialinvestitionsstaat Schweiz

Vol: 2/2017 - Forum 2.2

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