The “socialist revolution” in the Seychelles

Daniel Künzler

After the “socialist revolution” in 1977, the Seychelles introduced a universal social

pension, free education and free health care. This path of the Seychelles to universal

social policies is unique in several regards. On the one hand, the policies were financed

by economic growth triggered by a non-dogmatic economic policy that focused

on three partly state-led, partly privately driven key sectors. Especially important

were services (tourism, finance) that replaced the colonial plantation economy.

On the other hand, the country also successfully navigated the Cold War by attracting

capitalist development aid to finance “socialist” policies. Finally, social policies

contributed to a relatively high standard of living and persisted throughout economic

and political liberalisation.

Keywords: Seychelles, socialist revolution, universal social policy, social pension, free health care

Vol: 1/2018 - Article 1.7


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