Vol. 1/2022

THEMATIC SECTION - Editorial: Social Sustainability: An Ambiguous Concept, Areas of Tension and Ways Forward

Monica Budowski, Daniel Künzler


Keywords: social sustainability, sustainable development, Brundtland Report, Club of Rome report

Vol. 1/2022 - Article 1.1

THEMATIC SECTION - Lifestyle transformation and reduced consumption: a transformative learning process

Magnus Boström


Keywords: Social dimension, downsizing, consuming less, social practices, voluntary simplicity

Vol. 1/2022 - Article 1.2

THEMATIC SECTION - Sustainable and Inclusive Welfare States: Employment and Poverty Among Immigrants and People with Disabilities in Different Welfare State Regimes

Olli Kangas, Esa Karonen


Keywords: welfare state regimes, sustainability, decommodification, social investment, immigrants, people with disabilities

Vol. 1/2022 - Article 1.3

THEMATIC SECTION - Gender-based violence as a sustainability problem

Christine Bigler


Keywords: gender-based violence, sustainable development, Sustainable Develop-ment Goals

Vol. 1/2022 - Article 1.4

OPEN SECTION - Understanding values and principles of the resettlement a system: Exploring the benefits of a ‘regime approach’ in the Swedish resettlement process

Ingrid Jerve Ramsøy



Vol. 1/2022 - Article 1.5

OPEN SECTION - The Refugee Resettlement Scheme is the Golden Ticket but Very Scarce for Many in Africa: Prospects and Challenges During COVID-19

John Bosco Nizeimana, Wesli Holt Turner, Keifer Brown, Glory Goneka


Keywords: Refugee Resettlement, Displacement, Durable Solutions, Sub-Saharan Africa, COVID-19

Vol: 1/2022 - Article 1.6


THEMATIC FORUM - Towards a Sustainable Food System in the UK: Consumer-Driven Veganism or the Right to Food?

Benjamin Selwyn


Keywords: Food, Poverty, Inequality, UK, Sustainability

Vol. 1/2022 - Thematic Forum 1.1

THEMATIC FORUM - Why We Need a New Eco-Social Contract

Isabell Kempf, Katja Hujo, Rafael Ponte


Keywords: eco-social contract, inequality, sustainable development goals, climate justice, social justice

Vol. 1/2022 - Thematic Forum 1.2

THEMATIC FORUM - The Concept of Social Sustainability and its Challenges for the Sociology of Social Policy

Michael Opielka


Keywords: social sustainability, environmental regimes, welfare regimes, sustainability goals, Agenda 2030

Vol. 1/2022 - Thematic Forum 1.3

THEMATIC FORUM - The challenges and promises of confronting conflicting narratives: a case study on sustainability and well-being

Gaël Brulé


Keywords: well-being, ecological footprint, narratives, barriers, epistemology, methodology

Vol. 1/2022 - Thematic Forum 1.4

OPEN FORUM - PIONEERED: Elaborating the link between social and educational policies for tackling educational inequalities in Europe

Andreas Hadjar, Aigul Alieva, Solvejg Jobst, Jan Skrobanek, Alyssa Grecu, Irina Gewinner, Frederick de Moll, Auli Toom


Keywords: social policies; educational policies; education; inequalities; research design

Vol. 1/2022 - Forum 1.1

OPEN FORUM - Wenn Menschen mit Behinderung Sex haben: Auswirkungen der Sexualbegleitung auf Behinderung und Geschlecht

Rea Pirani, Alana Raione, Nina Colijn, Rahel Grüter, Anne Schmid


Keywords: Behinderung, Geschlecht, Sexualität, Sexualbegleitung, Wohlbefinden

Vol. 1/2022 - Forum 1.2

OPEN FORUM - Women’s civil society organizations in Bosnia-Herzegovina as local agents of international conventions on women’s rights. An analysis of challenges related to the process of norm diffusion

Zlatiborka Popov-Momcinovic, Laura Meier


Keywords: international conventions/resolutions on women’s rights, women’s civil society organizations, Bosnia-Herzegovina, social policies

Vol. 1/2022 - Forum 1.3